Tools to Support Your Dealer Network

For more than 70 years, NCM has led the retail automotive industry in statistical and financial analyses that help improve dealership performance. Since our founding, our mission has been to serve industry professionals with our innovative approach to delivering education, peer-collaboration, and analytical/data-based software with the intention to always challenge our clients to perform at a higher level. Through our commitment to dealership-level and market-level financial and operational improvement, we’ve developed strong relationships with domestic, import, and high-line manufacturers that support their dealer development initiatives. Whether it be through brand-specific professional development programs in partnership with field staff, 20 Group co-op programs, or OEM-driven business management technology solutions, NCM is proud to work with manufacturer brands in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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Enterprise Reporting Made Easy

NCM core® provides OEMs the ability to access a central enterprise portal that captures and houses your dealer network’s data, to assist in improving dealer relations and performance. With the ability to review accurate reports, upload data, set and record meetings, and much more, NCM core is the ultimate OEM analytical tool that drives results.


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