The Total OEM Reporting Solution

In the modern automotive industry, there is no shortage of data. Each dealership in your network may be recording, managing, and reporting their data differently than other dealerships in your network. NCM Core® was created for automotive OEMs to make enterprise-level reporting holistic, quick, user-friendly, and secure.

Since 2003, NCM Core has provided OEMs with a single platform to view the critical financial statement data needed to make informed decisions. Our system accepts and processes financial and non-financial information and displays it within customized dashboards and reports that are tailored to your brand and preferences. Your homepage dashboard is host to a multitude of arrangeable widgets–each offering dynamic charts, graphs, and metrics that  give you quick and easy access to the insights you need.

Do More with NCM Core

The NCM Core base package provides you with the ability to quickly gather, sort, and analyze the data you need from your dealer network. It is comprised of multiple modules that work in tandem to provide you with flexibility and simplicity.

  • eSubmission™: NCM Core’s financial statement submission module allows each dealership to upload their data in multiple ways. Our system can accept, process, and cleanse information electronically from multiple DMS systems and in different file formats, including Excel, .xml, and .txt. This flexibility makes submitting data from your dealer network easier than ever. Admins can see who has submitted data, if it was accepted, and can set submission due dates and alerts to controllers and dealers as deadlines approach.
  • eComposite™:  Our reporting module offers comparative reports that quickly highlight the data you need, right from the financial statement of each dealer you evaluate. This can also help you analyze your dealer network by comparing and analyzing any group of dealerships. Whether you require regional comparisons, groups of the same size, a custom group based on numerous parameters, or multiple selections to compare dealers and groups against, eComposite is your essential reporting tool as the unrivaled filtering capability gives you the power to affect change across your dealer network. Users can also preschedule their reports, which sends an alert containing a link to the desired report(s) straight to their inbox.  Reports are available in Excel, PDF, and HTML formats, plus users can save reports as favorites for easy access.

Additional Modules

  • ePlan™: NCM Core’s forecasting module is an ideal tool for predicting sales, expenses, salaries, and more. This additional module will help you make adjustments and get your forecasting right every time. Admins have the ability to review annual plans, dealer by dealer, to adjust and agree upon realistic and attainable goals. Once the plan is accepted, that dealer’s data is available for reporting in other modules. (Additionally, you can utilize this module to assign and create action plans for specific metrics that help you create accountability and reach your goals.)
  • eContact™: NCM Core’s communication module helps OEMs create, schedule, and document dealer visits and meetings throughout their network. Our calendar view is built on the foundation of user-friendly design, which allows your team to easily create and document meetings, dealer visits, on-site reviews, and critical conversations. Once a meeting is set, users can sync the meeting to the calendar applications they use most frequently (iCal, Google, Outlook, and more). Each meeting also has the capability to hold attachments, agendas, and meeting notes to help ensure all key points are successfully implemented after each conversation. This module provides your team with action items that provide documented tasks to achieve quantitative metrics, and sets reminders that can be easily assigned to individuals to achieve objectives.

Today's Analytics for Tomorrow's Success

  • Plan vs. Actual reporting with exception reports for targeting areas of focus within a group or a dealership
  • Dealer network reporting with cross-departmental data comparisons
  • Enterprise level reporting with comprehensive drill-downs to dealer level
  • Comparison reports provides ad hoc reporting based on user criteria
  • NCM Proprietary query tool allows authorized users to extract data

Additional NCM Core Benefits

  • Multi-lingual Support Team: We are proud to offer a diverse, multi-lingual staff to help assist you in both English and French.
  • Robust Training/Onboarding: No matter how great the tool, it’s only as effective as the person using it. To ensure your team gets the most out of NCM Core, we conduct a thorough onboarding process to both integrate the platform into your processes and train your team to become program experts. We offer quarterly webinars and supplemental video training to make learning as easy as possible.  
  • Global: With clients in North America and Australia, we are a global company delivering the analytical data you need, anywhere on earth.
  • Multi-national Capabilities: Our platform displays the information in any currency you need, making your reports easy to absorb and understand, no matter the market you are in. Additionally, NCM Core can be customized to display your preferred language–making it ideal for bilingual teams.
  • Data Cleansing: To ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information, we run multiple edit checks on thousands of data points. Our NCM Core platform not only guarantees that every line of data submitted from your financial statements is correct, but also highlights problem areas for users to update. Our team has support options to help your dealer network submit their data easily and securely into the system.
  • Data on Demand: With Data on Demand, you can search through your current data to pull out the right information whenever you need it.
  • Secure: The top priority of the NCM Core platform is the safety and security of your data. All users are assigned access rights via our multi-layered and user-defined security matrix. This process ensures everyone has proper access to the data they need without compromising security.
  • A Team Behind You: The team behind NCM Core comes with a diverse set of dealership and accounting experience, so we understand your business and systems better than most. We believe that helping you to succeed is our number one job, and we back that up by providing all our clients with world-class customer support.